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Equipment Model Forslund 1224    
General Length (inches)




Width (inches) 39    
Height (inches) 18    
Automation Semi-automatic    
Board Handling Maximum size (inches) 7x7    
Minimum size (inches) 0.25x0.25    
Maximum thickness (") Unlimited    
Minimum thickness (") 0.031    
Maximum warpage (") 0.33    
Underside component clearance (inches) 0.5-2    
Board held by Edge clamp, vacuum, pin    
Board support Magnetic pins, tooling pins, vacuum plate    
Conveyor N/A    
Board Movement N/A    
Dual-lane board handling? No    
Print Head Print area (inches) 7x7    
Maximum print stroke(") 7    
Mdthod of registration Manual, other    
Optical alignment? No    
Alignment accuracy (microns) ±25    
Alignment repeatability (microns) ±15    
Print Modes Print/flood, flood/print, on contact, 1 or 2 deposite=s    
Print speed (inches/second) 0.25 to 7    
Print pressure (pounds) N/A    
Snap off (print gap) (inches) 0-0.5    
Is snap-off programmable? No    
Cycle time (seconds) Single lane: 0-20    
Stencil Frame size (inches) 12x12    
PCB stencil seperation speed (inches/second)


Stencil cleaning N/A    
Programmable? N/A    
Stencil Wiper N/A    
Squeegee Squeegees Metal, polyurethane    
Squeegee pressure (pounds) Variable    
Where measured? N/A    
Horizontal or central pivot? Horizontal    
Vision system Type N/A    
Field of vision (inches) N/A    
SMEMA fiducial standard compatible? N/A    
Align calibration N/A    
Post-print inspection available? N/A    
Program Up and down line protocol N/A    
Number of programs stored N/A    

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